Computer Skills and Assistive Technology Training Sessions

PressIQ is a pioneering educational program which provides comprehensive community classes training in computer and publishing skills. Our training approach empowers each participant with knowledge and confidence to navigate the digital world, enhancing their independence and opening new avenues for personal and professional growth.

60-minute Private or Group Sessions

Seasoned leader with special needs experience

Self-Direction Accepted

Open to All

Course Descriptions

Empower Tech: Personalized Digital Freedom

This specialized class explores accessibility features and assistive technologies tailored to each participant’s unique abilities and learning style. Participants will learn how to customize devices for their specific needs, ensuring they can fully participate in the digital landscape. Participants will learn how to make use of specialized tools to assist in reaching their career and life goals, including screen readers, speech recognition software, and adaptive input devices

Computer Confidence: Building a Strong Digital Foundation

This foundational class introduces students to basic computer operations. Participants will learn about hardware, software, file management, and essential digital skills such as keyboarding and mouse navigation. The emphasis is on creating a comfortable and inclusive learning environment where everyone can progress at their own pace.

Digital Literacy and Internet Safety: Navigating the Web Safely

In this class, students will explore the internet responsibly. They will learn how to use search engines, browse websites, and understand online safety practices, including recognizing and avoiding online scams. The goal is to equip individuals with the skills to independently access reliable information and communicate online securely.

Dynamic Docs: Crafting Impactful Documents

Participants will delve into word processing software, mastering skills in creating, formatting, and editing documents. Emphasis will be placed on practical applications, including crafting resumes, letters, and simple reports. The class will also cover techniques for proofreading and improving writing skills.